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What is the Story of SommerYeager?

The heart and soul of any organization is its people. The perpetual performance challenge in organizations has been to manage the change and growth of individuals in a really useful way. Nearly every kind of consulting firm imaginable has tried to create something useful ranging from the 1960's T-Groups and Management by Objectives to the more recent 360-degree appraisals. In spite of the energy expended, most of these well-intended efforts tend to fade like so many short-lived Broadway plays. In contrast, profiling people's motives on the job, with effective know-how, does offer a long lasting solution to the perpetual performance challenge.

The elusive issue has always been the implicit question: "Where are the buttons to push that will turn people on?" We have found that if you ask in a nice and effective way, people will be pleased to tell you how to motivate them. We have made a habit of asking people in nice and effective ways: "What will make you happier and more effective on the job?" They told us what works for them. When those motivating ideas were structured around real-time language architecture, instead of psychological theory, a whole new field was born.

Comfort Levels and Trust

Especially meaningful is that they (i.e., executives, managers, CEOs, presidents and board members) have told us things that they could not or would not articulate before. That was because they had no tool to help them openly express themselves in an articulate and non-judgmental manner. When we parsed their language patterns in particular ways, they got the insight they wanted. We have built a lot of that open-minded motivational and decision making know-how into the Sommer Survey™. We have continued developing our trade secrets and know-how, creating both organizational and individual assets. These assets have benefited many Fortune 500 companies and the motivated people within those companies.

People's answers to our questions have been human and personal. They have told us that they need to know how to effortlessly reach down inside themselves and find what works to make both themselves and their organization more effective. They want to know what specifics they can know about themselves that will make a difference now. Their answers are mostly about how to enhance their value as the asset they want to be in any job they hold.

They wanted a tool that allows the process to be open, honest and non-judgmental. They wanted a simple and effective tool that offered many of them what we were able to do for them in person. They wanted a tool that serves both sides of the job equation – the people in the jobs as well as the organization as a whole. The outcome of asking people what they want on the job – in an effective way – produces greater performance and job satisfaction for them and greater productivity for the organization. They are happy to tell you what they want, and also how they think about doing what they want. It is a win-win scenario.

New Synergies

The Sommer Survey™ presents proven expertise in profiling motives for any job, and motivation profiles then become immediately accessible and usable for decision makers. Anyone or any organization who wants a reliable means to achieve their business objectives through people will be pleased. Getting a solid understanding of people allows a job incumbent to fulfill the potential for growth and performance encapsulated within the challenges of the job itself. The job becomes a fulfilling growth experience for the people holding those jobs as well as very real preparation for the next job. The individual's on-going job decisions, then, can work to the meet the mutual expectations of both the individual and the organization.

We are now releasing on the web this singular means to measure the essence, the heart and soul, of an organization's talent. We offer immediately usable insight into the motives that drive the decisions of people doing the work required by their jobs. The typical results are increased cooperation, smoothed relationships, clarity of purpose and new levels of performance. This executive assessment in a high-tech package™ is available only through SommerYeager.

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